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Foam Compounds / Foam Powders / Roto Foam Compounds


Foam Compounds / Foam Powders / Roto Foam Compounds
Foam Compounds / Foam Powders / Roto Foam Compounds

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Foam Compounds, Foam Powders, Roto Foam Compounds and our setup is situated in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

We offer different formulations for foam compounds depending on the product applications and processing window.

We are specialise in manufacturing Foam compounds for Rotational molding. We have different grades designed for specific applications. We can customise formulations required for new application. Most important aspect of our offering is we offer total technological solution. Which helps customer to launch the product in market in shortest possible time.


Grade % loading Expansion Molded Density Applications
Ef - 01 75 - 100 % 4x 0.230 Water storage tanks, pallets
Ef - 02 50% 4x 0.230 Water storage tanks, pallets
Ef - 03 100% 3x 0.310 Underground storage tanks
Ef - 04 75 - 100 % 5x 0.200 Pallets, Industrial insulated tanks
Ef - 05 100% 6x 0.150 Fish tubs, Industrial insulated tanks
ESF - 01 100% 5x 0.200 One shot foam for pallets, Platforms
Flexy foam 100% 3x 0.230 Soft cushion applications

Ready to use LLDPE based foam compound formulated with a blend of Chemical Blowing Agents suitable for rotational moulding. The grade EasyFoam EF-01 is specially blended to match moulding conditions of Multi Layer Water Storage Tanks.


Insulation : Excellent Insulation Properties.
Light Weight : Higher Stiffness at lower Cost.
Composite Layers : Strong Bonding Between Layers.
Easy Process : Use Existing Equipments.


Multi Layer Insulated Tanks, Underground Tanks, Ice Boxes, Pallets, Furniture Products, Marine Products , Fish Boxes, Floats & Structral Products.

Appearance Yellowish Polymeric Pulverised Powder
Grade Easyfoam EF-01
Carrier Resin LLDPE
Properties Regular Fine Structure Better Surface Appearance Direct Doses
Recommended Dosage 50% to 100% of the weight of foam layer
Recommended Process Temp. 215 - 230oC
Packaging 25 Kg

• Easy foam compounds : EF - 01, EF - 02, EF - 03
• Easy to use - Same molds, machine, process
• Uniform Cell structure - More impact strength and insulation
• O % rejection
• Various Thickness and expansion possible
• 100 % recyclable.
• Food grade Foam material also available.
• Total technology support
• 24 hr Technical support for trouble shooting
• Shop floor training for Operator and supervisors